The Doctor-Patient Relationship and Your Health: It Matters

A recent study (more details at the end of this blog) reported that over 50% of physicians spent 16 minutes or less with each patient per visit. With doctors responding to pressures to deliver care en masse, time spent with patients has plummeted. Juxtapose this with the fact that the relationship between doctor and patient can have profound effects on patient outcomes- both positively and negatively- and patients have good reason to seek out a physician partner to help them manage their health.

While medicine and health technology have advanced in leaps in bounds in the last few decades, the personal-care aspect has suffered. Insurance companies and large healthcare groups have worked tirelessly to speed care and lower costs. Unfortunately, this model robs the time and personal attention that both great doctors and their patients need and desire.

Concierge care (also known as boutique medicine or direct primary care) was born out of the desire by some physicians to deliver healthcare in a personalized way, where the doctor-patient relationship is allowed the time it needs to grow into a strong partnership. The relationship fostered when appointments aren’t rushed, when communication is unrestricted and the location in which care is delivered is flexible, is one that can impact the patient’s life in real ways. Direct primary care practices are empowered to take the time needed to sit down and really understand their patients’ health history, challenges, and goals and leverage the incredible advancements in medicine to truly deliver the highest level of care in history.

Kagen MD, a boutique medical practice in Park City, Utah has been built to deliver the high-quality, un-rushed care that’s proven to be the most effective model for patient care. The practice, led by Dr. Michael Kagen, enables patients to choose how, where and how long they communicate with their doctor, and allows them to connect with their doctor in a personal way, without insurance companies or large health companies having input into the care they receive.

“When you come to Dr. Kagen and his concierge service, it’s much like going to a fine-end hotel. You would expect the concierge to kind of just take care of you and treat you…on a personal level. That’s exactly what you get here. It’s high-end service, very personal, very caring, and you really feel like you’re being pampered.”

Concierge medical practices are paving the way for medicine to get back to the old-fashioned way of interacting with your doctor, but with all of the benefits of modern technology and medicine. If a patient is looking for a different medical doctor experience, they should give direct primary care a try.


“Medscape released its Physician Compensation Report 2018 examining a number of compensation-related variables throughout the healthcare industry. Medscape surveyed 20,329 physicians across 29 specialties for the report.”

Read more about the data released about the physician-patient relationship here:

About Kagen MD

If you live in or around the Park City, Utah area and want a doctor to treat you like you’re his only patient, contact Kagen MD. Michael Kagen MD is a direct primary care concierge doctor who offers unhurried appointments, convenient options for connecting with him and a desire to truly practice medicine in your best interest - not the insurance company. Contact him at (435) 633-6263 or for details on membership options.  

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