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COVID-19 and House Call Doctors: A Way of the Past Becomes Premier Service of Today

These are certainly interesting times. COVID-19 has affected people in almost uncountable ways. One of the unfortunate effects is some people are forgoing seeking medical help when they don’t feel well or in getting help with managing chronic conditions because they fear going to a doctor’s office. People wonder if it’s safe to visit a doctor or clinic during this pandemic. It’s understandable; but of course, it can lead to serious consequences.

Because of the current climate we’re in, some patients find telemedicine options to be a good alternative to in-person doctor visits. Connecting on the phone or through a video call can serve some purposes, like talking through health management topics, reviewing medications and even checking some symptoms and conditions. Sometimes, however, technology just doesn’t cut it.

Doctors who made house calls were common once upon a time, but have since given way to large practice groups and clinics. As COVID-19 has done with many other aspects of life, people are finding some of the ways of the past are just what we need in our modern era. Having a doctor come to your home allows patients to avoid crowded waiting rooms and small exam rooms that cycle people in and out all day. They also enable people to minimize the spread of a contagious condition, whether it be flu, strep or Coronavirus, from which they may be suffering.

Concierge medicine, a medical practice in which people become members, is proving its value during this unique time in history. Membership based doctors, like Kagen MD, are providing high quality medical services in whatever way is most convenient and comfortable for its members. Whether patients need to quickly connect via video call, want to have the doctor make a house call or they want to meet with the doctor in an uncrowded office for an unrushed appointment, the way of the past is now the way of the future.

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