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Concierge Medicine: What It Is and the Benefits of Retainer Medicine

When you really think about it, we have a lot of choices in life. We have complete freedom to choose who to trust to manage our money, to cut our hair, and to tend our lawns. But when it comes to choosing one of our most important partners - our doctor - our choices are limited by big insurance companies. Not only are our choices limited, the way in which we partner with our doctor is also managed by the health insurance system. But it no longer has to be that way.

Concierge Medicine has many benefits.

Concierge Medicine, also called Retainer Medicine, is direct personal healthcare that eliminates the insurance company from the doctor-patient relationship. This enables the doctor to provide the preventative care that is truly the key to good health, but also serve as the advocate needed if health issues do arise. An established relationship with a doctor that knows a patient personally and has connections to the best specialists available is an invaluable asset if a patient is facing a health challenge.

When a person is looking for VIP treatment and care, a concierge medicine practice is place to turn.

The most progressive direct primary care (DPC) doctors offer telemedicine options, like video conference appointments, as well as old fashioned, personal healthcare benefits like home visits or meeting the patient where ever is most convenient for that person. Staying away from doctors’ offices packed with sick people (especially for those with compromised immune systems), avoiding long waits for appointments, and working around the doctor’s schedule can all be eliminated when under the care of a direct primary care physician.

Many patients see the membership fee for a concierge medicine doctor as important as their gym membership fee, country club costs, or other self-care expenses. They also enjoy the transparent pricing, elimination of copays and deductibles, and not having to try to decode statements of benefits from their insurance companies.

Concierge medicine is a great way to experience medicine as it should be- a relationship between a patient and doctor, unfettered by outside influence. 

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If you live in or around the Park City, Utah area and want a doctor to treat you like you’re his only patient, contact Kagen MD. Michael Kagen MD is a direct primary care concierge doctor who offers unhurried appointments, convenient options for connecting with him and a desire to truly practice medicine in your best interest - not the insurance company. Contact him at (435) 633-6263 or https://www.kagenmd.com/location for details on membership options. 

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