Dr Kagen offers membership-based primary care concierge medicine.

Dr Kagen is committed to offering the best primary care service to his members. Dr Kagen's medical practice emphasizes quality medical care and patient experience. 

  • The exclusive concierge membership model is built for true quality care and convenience.

  • We maintain a very small practice size which allows us to provide excellent service and truly act as your healthcare advocate.

  • Members have direct access to Dr Kagen via electronic or in-person visits. 

  • We offer old-fashioned house calls and convenient visits at a time and place that works for you.

Dr Kagen practices medicine 100% in the best interests of his patients. He advocates for his patients no matter when and where they need his help. He is an expert in the diagnosis and management of adults with simple to extremely complex medical issues.

He also offers skin cancer detection services using the areas only Fotofinder ATBM.